Wednesday, August 26, 2015

But First, Vacation Photos.

It's hard to believe Summer is winding down and we're about to welcome Fall.  Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about that.  After all, Fall is pretty much the best season (right?!) and dare I say it... I'm looking forward to a few rainy days here or there.  I'm sure someone somewhere is cursing my name for saying such things, but it is true.  So, I think for now I'll stop while I'm ahead and share a few of our Summer vacation photos.

Earlier this month, we vacationed in Southern California on the beach in Carlsbad.  My family first started vacationing there when I was a little girl and I am very happy to have the opportunity to take my guys down to such a wonderful place.  Our major outing was a visit to Legoland California and it did not disappoint.  Let's just say, everything was awesome.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let's Call it a Blogging Sabbatical...

I guess you can say my sister inspired me to get back at it with the blogging, after she wrote a post a few days ago about Banana Cupcakes.  So, I dusted off the laptop, poured myself a glass of water, and started to think of something super entertaining to post that would bring some attention back to this space and hope to at least have one reader in the future.

We'll see how that goes.

But for now, I leave you with this super awesome Instagram selfie Cole and I took of ourselves last night and a few updated photos of the family to the left.

My posts can only go up from here, right?

Stay Tuned...

Friday, May 16, 2014

{DIY} Fence Gate

We put up our fence gate two weekends ago and are pretty pleased with the results (if you missed our DIY Fence project post, click HERE).  We opted to build the gate out of the same materials as our fence and have it look more like a panel of the fence than a gate door for a more uniform look.

The hubs has already started to dig holes for our fence posts that will run parallel to our home, so I am looking forward to getting this project wrapped up within the next few weeks.  Nothing like a busy schedule to draw out a pretty quick and easy project!

Once we have the fence completed, we will work on sanding and staining the cedar boards.  So let's keep our fingers crossed for some decent weather in the next two weeks!

{Week 18} The Boys

Kingston, Week 18*: Practicing in the backyard with daddy (he got a new bat and now requests to practice a lot).
Cole, Week 18*:  Even though it was raining and not all that warm out, this boy wanted to run around the yard in only his diaper.  He may even be telling me "no" in this photo.  Ah, the joys of an almost-two-year old!

{Following the 52 Week Photo Project... taking one photo each week of our boys in 2014.}

*{Sorry this one is nearly two weeks late... whoops.}

Friday, May 2, 2014

Almost 2-year-old Photo shoots are the pits.

Now that it is May, I am trying to get our summer calendar organized and finalize plans... which includes this nearly-two-year-old's birthday in June.  So today I decided to order Cole's birthday party invites.  I guess I failed to remember that he is nearly two... so things didn't go quite as planned.  But, I did still come out with a pretty great photograph to use for his invite (not included above).  Hooray!

Monday, April 28, 2014

{Week 17} The Boys

Kingston, Week 17: Enjoying a 'toon on the living room ottoman after church.
Cole, Week 17: Continuing to play the ever-active role of "mama's shadow" by drinking his sippy cup in the kitchen while I unpack groceries and start dinner.

{Following the 52 Week Photo Project... taking one photo each week of our boys in 2014.}

Friday, April 25, 2014

{DIY} Front Yard Fence

We are currently in the process of installing fencing in our front/side yards.  Mostly to keep the munchkins in our backyard when playing outside, this fence also helps add to our fabulous landscaping (ha!) too.  With the way our home is positioned on a hill, we don't really need a fence for privacy purposes.  So, we decided to go for a non-traditional look with a cedar board + hog wire fence.  Partly inspired by the hubs's uncle's fencing, partly inspired by Pinterest... and we're definitely sold on the look.
We started our fence by installing four pressure treated boards with cement as our fence posts.  And by we, I mean the hubs.  He used a post hole digger and dug about two feet down.
All of the lumber and fencing staples were purchased from our local hardware store and we found the hog wire at a local farm supply store.  It is a thicker gauge wire, which comes in sheets (not rolled).  We borrowed a pair of wire snippers to cut the wire panels down to the size we wanted.
The cedar boards were added to finish the look... they hide the snipped wire ends and the fencing staples.  We plan to stain the cedar and are thinking of using a clear finish.
This weekend we will finish building our gate door (to go between the two panels we currently have installed). Then, we are going to build this fence down the side of our home toward our backyard approximately 12 feet or so. We won't build it to fully enclose our yard, but just enough to create a more finished look.

As I mentioned, we are pretty pleased with how this fence is turning out.  So far it seems to be doing it's job.  The boys haven't tried to run around to the front yard with it up... which helps me have more peace of mind when they are playing outside.

We will also add this type of fence on the right side of our home, which will connect our already existing standard wooden fence to our home and enclose that side of the yard.  And, if we ever decide we want a little more privacy than what this fence currently provides, we may take some of the ivy we have abundantly growing around our home and weave it through the wire in the fence.  But for now, we will keep the wire exposed.

This fence is a pretty easy answer for our needs -- and relatively inexpensive too.  The most difficult part of the whole process was leveling it all.  When your home is built on a hill, you get that added bonus of trying to decide how to make everything square and in line.  So proud of the hubs and his patience on this project.  I'm hoping to share an updated photo of our fence progress soon!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Extras

Just a few leftover Easter photographs to share.  Our Easter was relatively traditional -- boys got to play with their Easter goodies first thing in the morning, we got all dolled up and went to church, had brunch at my parents' home, visited the hubs's grandma, and then spent the rest of the day enjoying the decent weather (no rain!) in our backyard together.  That's a win in my book, friends.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{Easter Re-Cap} The Bunny Goodies

The holidays are truly so much more fun with little ones around.  This Easter was no exception -- Kingston was really into Easter egg hunting and, of course, excited to see what the Easter Bunny would bring this year.  We re-used the boys's baskets from last year (see HERE) and found a few goodies we knew they would be sure to enjoy.  In remembering how Kingston was so very literal with our Elf on the Shelf, I made sure to explain to Kingston that we needed to set out their Easter baskets the night before Easter, in hopes that the Easter Bunny might leave surprises for them to play with in the morning.  Worked like a charm.
Inside Kingston's Easter basket, he found:

  1. Easter Bunny ears
  2. Orange-flavored Jelly Belly Jelly Beans in the shape of a carrot
  3. Robot water bottle
  4. Bunny Pez dispenser + two SpiderMan eggs filled with Pez candy
  5. Bubbles 
  6. Skylander SwapForce character Freeze Blade
And, inside Cole's Easter basket, he found: 
  1. Plush lamb
  2. Frog water bottle
  3. Easter Bunny ears
  4. Orange-flavored Jelly Belly Jelly Beans in the shape of a carrot
  5. Planes Airplane
  6. Bunny Pez dispenser + two SpiderMan eggs filled with Pez candy
The result?  Two pretty happy Easter Bunny-eared boys!