Wednesday, August 26, 2015

But First, Vacation Photos.

It's hard to believe Summer is winding down and we're about to welcome Fall.  Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about that.  After all, Fall is pretty much the best season (right?!) and dare I say it... I'm looking forward to a few rainy days here or there.  I'm sure someone somewhere is cursing my name for saying such things, but it is true.  So, I think for now I'll stop while I'm ahead and share a few of our Summer vacation photos.

Earlier this month, we vacationed in Southern California on the beach in Carlsbad.  My family first started vacationing there when I was a little girl and I am very happy to have the opportunity to take my guys down to such a wonderful place.  Our major outing was a visit to Legoland California and it did not disappoint.  Let's just say, everything was awesome.

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  1. Cole's tan though.... jealous...