Friday, September 11, 2015

Kingston the Kinder

Kingston has officially started kindergarten.  Tuesday was the first day of the school year for him and he was more than ready.  He woke me up early, exclaiming "it's the first day of school!" as if it were Christmas morning.

Because we were up so early, we were able to have a special batch of back-to-school pancakes and relax a bit before the big day.

We took a few photos before school, one being the obligatory what-do-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-up photo... and a few that featured the big boy in his first day of school outfit and backpack (his request).

We packed his Star Wars lunchbox the night before, so we quickly added an icepack to that bad boy and placed it in his backpack all ready to go.

We got to school about 15 minutes early and waited only a few minutes for his teacher to open her classroom door.  She let us in, asking each student to let her know if they were having hot lunch or cold lunch and to place their lunchbox in the lunchbox bin if they brought one.

Kingston hung his backpack on his assigned hook, sat on the carpet, and looked through a book as directed by his teacher.

I had heard that it was a pretty emotional day for most mamas - the first time you take your child to school and leave them there to learn all day - it's a big deal.  I guess I thought I had gotten that all out of my system a few years ago when I took him to daycare for the first time.

But, when I went to give Kingston a kiss goodbye this morning, I felt the tears welling up and quickly wiped them away as I knew he was in good hands and would have the best time at school.

And -- I had my secret no-crying-mama weapon there with me: Cole.  Having little brother there as a distraction for me worked like a charm.  Here's to a fun-filled school year ahead!

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