Who Am I?

I'm a wife.  Mother of 2 boys.  Amateur photog.  Blog addict.  DIY-er.  Baker.  Decorator.  Chocoholic.  Magazine hoarder.

Three Men...

After graduating from college and moving back home to start my career, I met my main man (better known as "the hubs") in January 2007.  We were married in August 2008 and started our family with our oldest in November 2009.  About two and half years later, we added to our family with our little in June 2012.  Now, this family of four is complete... with three men and one lady.  

And One Lady.

Previously, I wrote for "My Life. Or Something Like It" on Wordpress.com.  With new ideas and dreams for this little blog of mine, I decided it was time to move blog hosts in 2013.  Mostly a blog dedicated to my family, I tend to write about anything that comes to mind.  On "My Life.  Or Something Like It," I featured DIY projects, baking recipes, and my children's milestones to name a few.

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