Monday, August 31, 2015

Back on Track.

Don't they always say Fall is the perfect season to get back on track?  To be a little stricter and snap back to a schedule not so loosey-goosey as Summer's was?  Well, if they don't... they should.  That is what the hubs and my plan is for this Fall, anyway.  And we're starting a little earlier -- beginning September 1st.

While I don't typically like to broadcast what my workout routines are or be one of those people that likes to rub it in everyone's face when they get a workout in, I do want to share what my plans are for this Fall for one simple reason: to keep me accountable.

In 2014, I lost 29 pounds by becoming more active and being more aware of my food choices.  The hubs joined me in my efforts and we have stayed pretty true to that lifestyle.  That being said... it was a really good Summer... and we need to refocus on what our ultimate goals are.

My plan is to focus on our meal plans and follow Fitness Blender's FB30 - feel free to check them or the workout plan out if you want, or not.  Like I said, I'm only sharing because I want to keep myself set on this goal.  The workout plan is for 8 weeks and my hopes are, because I am putting this out there, that I will check in every so often on here to say how it is going.

Please know this is not a sponsored post and I am not sharing all of this because I am paid to do so.  This is just for me -- wish me luck!

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