Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Bunk Bed Debate.

Within the next few months, we will be transitioning our toddler to a big boy bed.  Which means, we need to buy another bed for our boys.  The plan is to move Kingston's current bed into Cole's room for Cole to "learn" how to sleep like a big boy; meanwhile, we will be putting bunk beds in Kingston's room.  Eventually, Cole will join Kingston in a shared room... which both seem to want already.  

That being said, I don't really want to spend a ton of money on bunk beds since I realistically only see them sharing a room until Kingston is about 10 (and that may be pushing it).  So, I've been perusing Pinterest for bunk bed ideas.  We have pretty much narrowed it down to two bunks - both from Ikea - the SVARTA bunk or the KURA bunk.  I am pretty much sold on the SVARTA, the hubs the KURA.  Both are pictured above in a collage of four photos I found via Pinterest (see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE).  

The hubs likes the idea of a lower bunk for the boys... which means they could share a room sooner than later.  I like the idea of the metal bed, as it could grow with them if they chose to remain bunked through the middle school years.

So, I thought I would put it out here on the good ol' blog and see what you think.  Which one do you find to be the better of the two options?  If not an Ikea bunk, where did you find a reasonably priced bunk bed?  Any thoughts and suggestions are welcomed - just leave a comment!  Thanks, friends.


  1. We've had both! And I definitely recommend the off the ground one. It's made way better (we built ours, but I have friends that have the actual Ikea one), and white doesn't get as dirty as the wood does. Plus it's way easier for Daniel and I to sit on the beds to read to them, or tuck them in, make them, etc. Max loves it, and I actually think it'd be easier to transition him to that one versus the one on the floor because it's closed in more. He is obsessed with Sawyer's bed! That's my two cents. ;)

    1. Thanks Cindy! I was going to ask you about both of these, since you have had both. :) I definitely like the idea of a metal bed too - i feel like it would be easier to clean and wouldn't get beat up as bad as a wooden bed... but who knows. Definitely excited to re-decorate both boys rooms, though!!