Saturday, April 19, 2014

New-to-Us Kitchen Stools

So excited about these stools, friends!  Last Saturday, the hubs and I spent an adult day away from our kiddos in Portland visiting my sister and brother-in-law.  The guys got to go golfing while my sister and I got to spend some time shopping... and shopping we ladies did!  We hit up nearly a dozen stores in a span of five or six hours, one of which was a Goodwill my sister suggested we stop by.  This particular Goodwill has been known to have pretty decent furniture in the past... and this time, these two beauties were there.

I have been eyeing this style of stool for awhile now, but didn't want to pay the price for two of them. Plus, our kitchen island wasn't really set up for stools because I never really thought I wanted that style of island.  But after seeing the boys sitting at them off and on this week, I am sold.

Although these stools look worn and have the aged-schoolhouse shop-kind-of-stool look, they were both brand-new with the original price tags still affixed to the top of each stool.   Kind of exciting to bring these babies home for less than half the cost of just one brand new (or even more savings, depending on which store you find them at).  I think we'll use them and our island to color Easter eggs today.  Happy Easter weekend!

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