Thursday, March 6, 2014

{Cole} Our 20 month old baby moose.

Oh this little boy toddler of mine.  Cole being less than four months away from turning two years old is a weird idea for me.  He is such a fun-loving, happy, spunky, stubborn little guy -- but I swear he has to be turning almost one, not two.  Then he throws one of those "yep-I'm-almost-two-years-old" tantrums and it brings me back to reality.

This kid has many loves: his beloved "dog dog" (stuffed animal), 'toons, action figures, balls, the backyard, milk, cellphones, the swings and/or slide, toy cars, bath time, mega blocks, wrestling, story time, his big brother...

...but dislikes: haircuts, the drive through car wash, bed time, dirty hands, raw tomatoes.

He is a big boy wearing big boy clothes... size 3T... and size 9 toddler shoes... weighing in at nearly 37 lbs.  

I always say I wish this time would slow down, but I am looking forward to the next steps in his development.  I guess that is why this switch from baby to toddler-hood is truly so bittersweet.  But, one thing is for certain -- Cole is our baby moose and I love him so.        

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