Thursday, February 6, 2014

#TBT: A Very Happy Thanksgiving.

Don't the holidays just scream posed photographs?  This is the best we could do back in November.  And I'm pretty sure the hubs got after me for this one.  Posed photographs are a no in his book.  
Another posed gem.  I have to say, though -- love Noni's smile in this one (the hubs's grandma).  We definitely captured some happy people.  The holiday was celebrated with the hubs's parents, grandma, and a few other family members.  Nice and relaxed, how every holiday should be in my book. 
And this is what the boys really wanted to do outside... shake the bamboo in the secret garden.

I can't remember everything we were thankful for on that day, but I know for sure I was thankful for my little family.  I'm thankful for all three of my men each and every day.  What a lucky lady I am.

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