Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hey Santa

We made our annual visit to Santa at Alderbrook the first full weekend in December this year.  The resort always decorates so beautifully and the boys get some nice quality time with Santa in a more relaxed environment (this is not an ad for the resort, by the way).  

We got there a little early, so Kingston decided to send his letter to Santa's workshop before he sat down with the man.  He made sure to write his list (Skylander Swap Force) as well as brother's (a big fluffy stuffed animal dog).  He may have even mentioned he and his brother have been really good boys this year. 

Then, it was time to see good ole Saint Nick.  Unfortunately, Cole was not a fan.  Many tears were shed at the sight of Santa... which made Kingston reluctant to sit on Santa's lap.  However, Kingston did agree to sit in the sleigh while Santa stood next to him and have a heart-to-heart convo about his wish list, the holiday season, and his good boy behavior.  Cole, on the other hand, chose to enjoy the view at the resort with Santa... from afar.  

The hubs and I weren't really sure what to get each other this year for Christmas, so we decided to pick a night in December near Christmas to stay at the resort sans kiddos.  Pretty pumped.

Oh, and this visit with Santa?  One of three this year... all fun and all definitely necessary.  But, I'm thinking we're good for the holiday season now.    

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