Friday, January 18, 2013

The cookie mishap.

So, it's Friday again friends.  Even better... it's a Friday of a four-day weekend for me.  No big plans for the long weekend, but I am so thrilled to spend some time at home relaxing, helping my boys heal (both Kingston and Cole have colds they cannot seem to kick), and maybe working on a few house projects.

To start of the weekend right, I thought I would bake a few semi-healthy cookies for my family... you know, ones where you substitute out the butter for applesauce and include oats?  Yum.

It was going so well.  Until I decided to use my tablespoon ceramic measuring spoon to help ball the dough on the cookie sheet.  On my seventh ball, the handle snapped off of the spoon in the dough.  Not good friends, not good at all.  Not good even one bit.  Because although the break was a pretty clean one, there were still two chunks that were unaccounted for... in the dough... with oats... and white chocolate chips.  Eh.

And that is why we only had six homemade cookies on this lovely Friday.  Which are now down to three, thanks to Kingston and I (we had to have ourselves a little taste test).  Oh well... I said I wanted to make a few healthy cookies, right?  Right.


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