Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Canvas: Baby Handprints

When Kingston was a baby, I came up with the idea to memorialize his cute little hands via black paint and a white canvas.  For some reason or another, I decided seven months old was the perfect age to attempt this project... so with Cole's seventh month coming within a few days, I thought I would go ahead and attempt a handprint canvas with him today.

Cole's handprints are on the left, Kingston's on the right.  It is fun to see the differences in the boys, even when it comes to this simple little project.  Cole's hands look a little bigger, but hard to tell for sure... he was a little more cooperative with the process than Kingston was.

Such fun little keepsakes; neither canvas is perfect, but that is what I love about them.  Oh, and this is a super cheap project to tackle... One tube of black paint and two canvases (which come in a set; Cole's was a leftover that I held on to from when I made Kingston's).  Now, to go find the perfect spot to display them.

Happy Monday, friends!    


  1. What a fun idea. They turned out great!

  2. thanks! i'm glad i did it. a fun memento to have for when they have little ones of their own. :)

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