Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby Leggings

Baby Leggings.  For both girls and boys.  This trend has not been lost on me, as I am a card-caring member of the grown ladies in this world who still wear a few pairs of leggings in any given month week.  So when I found a pair of heather gray baby leggings for $3, I just had to give them a whirl on my little Cole...
And I'm in love.  I feel baby boy pants can be a bit too baggy and expose too much skin during the cool winter months - this is a nice, comfortable option that will keep my little warm.  


  1. Where did you get the leggings from? He is ADORABLE!

  2. they are from the garanimal line at walmart, actually! :) i bought two... they are girls. lol. so i had to find some non-frilly, plain jane ones for my all-boy boy!

  3. Well they are so cute on him! May have to snag some myself :)

  4. B still wears leggings and he is almost 4. My husband doesn't approve, obviously lol especially due to the fact that I got them at the girl's section at Gap kids. BUT. They are comfy, are black and white with no glitter or butterflies in the bum area, so they fit my standards of boy home-wear (vs. my husband's standards of halloween wear).

    1. i know, right!?! grey, black, and white for sure can be neutral girl OR boy leggings in my book. :) i'm glad another mommy of a boy agrees... i'll pass the word on to my husband... lol.