Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Instagram Challenge: 5 Photos "Looking Up"

From left to right:  Cole looking up at me, Knight Kingston looking up at his sword/sky on Halloween, looking up at my Anthro kitchen timer, looking up at two little hand prints on our fireplace mantel (see blog post HERE), and looking up at a fun/colorful lantern on a shelf in my kitchen.

Last Friday I was tagged by a good blog friend of mine to participate in a fun little challenge via Instagram.  Such a fun idea; when you post your photo of the day, you then have the task of tagging five other friends (each with their unique theme) in hopes that they will participate.  So far, four of the five ladies I tagged have accepted the challenge and I cannot wait to see how creative they get.

To see each of the photos above (to include who I tagged and who tagged me), click on the "Instagram" link in the menu bar above.      

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