Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Goodies for Good Boys

This year I had fun collecting little goodies and treats for my two sweet little boys.  I tried to not overdo it by finding little things that they needed, paired with a couple of wants.

Because we had plans to head to my parents' home for Easter, we didn't do any plastic eggs/Easter egg hunts at our home.  And there weren't any in their baskets either.  But Kingston still managed to get two chocolaty treats in his basket.  
For the big boy, I got two main fun things Kingston wanted/needed... then threw in a few extra treats.
  1. Pinwheel (this ended up being the desired toy for both boys)
  2. Wreck It Ralph (His "want" for sure)
  3. Ironman Headphones (His "need," as daddy's headphones are broken and he needs a pair to listen to ABC Mouse.  And when I found a pair that had his favorite superhero designed on the earpieces, I knew I just had to grab them for my boy
  4. Chocolate Frosted Sugar Cookie Bunny (he snuck this cookie behind our couch and started eating it... before church... without us knowing... and then got a baby wipe bath before we had to leave)
  5. Easter-themed M&M Fan (Because I knew the boy would have a blast pushing the button and making it spin)
For our little, only two things.  He didn't need much and will share the DVD and books with his brother.
  1. Chick Stuffed Animal (something soft and cuddly for him to play with)
  2. Jack & Lily Soft Sole Slip-On Shoes (a little big, but the boy needed a new pair... a pair of his own that were not previously worn by his big brother)
I am a sucker for books and could not pass up on the good deals I got on these four books.  They weren't going to be part of their Easter goodies, but with the holiday coming and these new books in my hand, I decided to just place them with their baskets for the boys to find on Sunday morning.

Kingston couldn't wait to flip through the superhero book... and Cole thought "The Happy Egg" was a good book to use for a teether... so, score?

I will be sifting through my Easter weekend photos throughout the week and will share them with you - we had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and hope you all did too.  And for those of you in Western Washington: can you believe the weather we had?  The best. 

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