Friday, February 28, 2014

Around our Home.

  • A rearranged living room with our sectional separated for more living space.
  • Medium turquoise mixing bowl + sugar cookie dough.
  • Glass and linen napkins in our hutch, an antique ice box acting as a side table next to our sectional.
  • Spring decor pulled out of storage (Spring starts March 20th!).
  • Sugar cookies cooling, complete with sprinkles.
  • Our kitty cat Jack, resting on our family room sofa.
  • A photo of the hubs's dad's little league team - the hubs's grandpa is also in the pic; he was the coach.  This will be featured in a larger size in Kingston's bedroom soon.

What an odd week this was.  I've been around our home more than usual due to sickness, so I had to make the best of it.  With lots of Pinterest-ing under my belt these past few days, I have more ideas than ever for this little home of ours.  Yesterday afternoon I was pretty much back to normal, which helped spur the furniture rearranging project... at least downstairs.  

And I am starting to be pretty pumped to transition our little from crib to bed here soon and pick out a set of bunk beds for Kingston's room.  I think I may have found the matching quilt to Kingston's for Cole... for when the boys share a room -- so excited!  Kingston's quilt was purchased from Pottery Barn a few years ago and has since been discontinued... so trying to match it has been a little bit of a chore.  Thanks to eBay, I think my problem may soon be resolved (more to come on this later).    

As much as a I love our home, I am happy to say the boys and I will be able to get out of it for a little bit today and maybe tomorrow - Kingston is requesting a trip to the library and park today, the hubs has softball tomorrow.  Enjoy the weekend, friends!

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