Saturday, September 7, 2013

Family Photos {Cogdell Photography}

These came in the mail yesterday and I was sooooo unbelievably excited to see them!  So many great images, I chose just a few of my favorites to share.  

While on vacation this year, we had Melisa take photos of us on the beach at the Oceanside Pier, a place that is very near and dear to my family's heart (it was one of my Grandpa's favorite spots).  What we thought might not have been such a great idea after all... i.e. a toddler distracted by the sand because he loves it, a baby distracted by the sand because he's not a fan... turned out pretty great in our book.  

I chose a few photos from this session to create a cluster display on our dining room wall: 
{For more information on Melisa and her photography, click HERE.  To see our family's post on her blog, click HERE.}


  1. Oh my word! Those pictures turned out AMAZING!

  2. such beautiful pictures.. you looked amazing and your kids are darling and trevor smiled, yeah! and I love how you decorated your wall, makes me want to get new family photos too.. :)

    1. thanks heather! it is amazing that trevor smiled! i think he is finally coming around... maybe. :)