Monday, May 27, 2013

Cole: 11 months

One month and you, my little Cole, will be one year old.  We've started planning your first birthday party and are very excited to celebrate you!

Next well-child visit will be at the end of June/beginning of July, so no updates on weight and height this month.  But seriously - look at those thighs.  Probably still 100%, or pretty close to it I am sure.

Oh, and with daddy's help (and maybe a few yogurt bites), we were able to take a few photos of you today.  Sitting still was not in the cards for your 11 month-monthly photos.

Here are a few other fun little facts about our little:

  • So yeah... Cole has yet to sprout a tooth.  There were some thoughts of a possible canine-tooth-sighting, but nothing ever came of that.  Now, it seems that Cole's top two front teeth may be the possible first-tooth/teeth candidates.  I'm not holding my breath.
  • He sat through his first haircut and looks pretty cute with this little trim.  
  • If there were awards for foot-thumping while laying in a baby crib, Cole would win hands down.  The boy thumps his foot to fall asleep... when waking up... or sometimes, just because.
  • Cole has started to show a little frustration when he doesn't get his way and seems to be understanding the word "no." 
  • For Cole, there is nothing better than getting to climb up and down the stairs.
  • While the boy gets very excited for bath time, he tends to take very quick (maybe 5 minutes tops) baths. 
  • He can stand, unsupported, for quite some time (as seen in the photos above).  But that is all... he doesn't seem too interested in taking a step or two on his own yet.
  • Everything goes in the boy's mouth.  EVERYTHING.
  • Patty-Cake has to be the best game ever, just ask Cole.
  • In another big-boy step away from babyhood, Cole can now hold his bottle when he is drinking milk at naps or bedtime. 

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