Monday, April 29, 2013

Cole: 10 months

... Is a baby on the move!  Our little guy is definitely keeping us busy these days.  And let me just say that capturing his 10 month photos this month was quite the challenge.  I was lucky to get him in a clean onesie and have him sit still for a few moments...
Here we are.  Cole, now 10 months old.  I have to say I am a little in shock and it is a little bittersweet for me.  My baby is growing up, which is fun and exciting for our little family... but also a little sad, as we are so very quickly leaving the baby stage.  I returned the breast pump I had rented from the hospital over the weekend (also a bittersweet moment) and couldn't help but wish for those first few days with our little again.  

And I'm not sure if you noticed, but our little is not so little these days.  While we did not take Cole for a well-child visit this month, I am almost positive he is still in the 100% for almost every thing.  Just call him moose. 

Here are a few other fun little facts about our little:

  • First tooth sighting!  While he still has yet to officially have his first tooth, we are seeing a dot of white through his translucent gums... and it is not one of the two middle bottom teeth.  Randomly, it is his right bottom canine tooth.  Ahoy, baby pirate Cole?
  • Cole can now wave hello... when he wants to. 
  • He is a cruising-machine.  Like I said before, Cole is on the move... but he would much rather be cruising than crawling.  And he is getting pretty confident with it.
  • He is also an eating-machine.  As I type this list, he made his way over to the hubs and they are sharing some goldfish crackers.  And an apple.  Pretty cute.
  • Cole's hair is coming in pretty thick... and the hubs thinks it almost looks mullet-like.  I'm pondering his first haircut before he is one... we'll see.
  • He is quite the little wrestler and is not picky on his opponent.  Daddy, brother, momma... or even our cat Jack.  
  • And he enjoys a good thrill.  Whether it be a fun game of peek-a-boo or bouncing on momma's lap and dipping backwards sporadically.  
  • One of Cole's favorite things is to crawl into our kitchen and pull all of the plastic baggies out of the bottom drawer.  Or find his baby wipes and pull all of them out of the container.  
  • Dressing Cole is an absolute challenge these days.  And so is diapering. 
  • He just figured out how to shake his head no and thinks it is pretty fun.

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  1. he is so chunky i love it! taylor was never chunky, and emily was a twig as well. both like 97th for height and 55th for height to weight. last time i held him he was so darn heavy but a good snuggler. and woot i could comment!

  2. hooray! so happy you could comment. :) and his chunky little body kills me! :)