Monday, March 4, 2013

My life with Boys.

"Little boys leave smudges on your hearts." - Art Moms
... And on your floors, windows, chairs.  Oh the life with little boys.  I feel so blessed to have such fun, active little guys.  But lets get real for a second - my house feels like it is NEVER clean anymore.  It seems like we are constantly cleaning/organizing our home, only to turn around and find a mess of toys, books, or some other little boy things dumped throughout our living spaces.  And it is not for a lack of teaching our oldest to pick up the toys he has finished playing with before picking out new ones... it just somehow happens.

But, we're learning together... and I have to say, I get a little smile when I see little cars... or army men... or super heroes laying in piles throughout our home.  Especially when I have just seen our oldest sharing his toys with his brother and using his imagination to teach Cole how to play with them.  It makes a momma smile.

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