Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cole: 8 months

Oh my.  8 months, Cole... didn't I just blog about you turning 6 months old?!  I think about how quickly your big brother has grown... and I cannot believe how your precious babyhood is flying by even faster!  I swear that if I blink you might just be celebrating your third birthday...

Like last month, you did not have a well-child visit at the doctor's office.  So, we don't have your official weight/height/head circumference stats this month.  But, I can tell you this:  My little baby isn't quite a baby any more.  After all, I sat you on the scale a few days ago and you were 27 pounds!  Aye ca-rumba!

Here are a few other fun facts about our little:

  • Cole loves to pull hair.  He is fascinated by the texture... so much so that he loves to yank handfuls at a time of his momma's hair (I fear I may go bald soon).  
  • His fine motor skills are getting better and better with each day - today he mastered the art of holding a toy car in one hand and spinning one of the wheels with his pointer finger of his other hand.  The boy's got skillz.
  • One of his favorite things to do is wrestle with his daddy or his big brother.
  • Cole's two favorite children's shows:  Yo Gabba Gabba & The Fresh Beat Band.
  • He is a baby who loves his routine.  Naps, meals, bath time and bed time are always around the same time... or this boy starts to whimper.
  • Cole is already an animal lover.  Our kitties and the doggy at daycare make him so very happy.
  • He is probably the biggest fan of his own voice... and the raspberries he likes to blow.
  • The boy is very ticklish on his feet and ribs.
  • Just like his daddy (when the hubs' was a little boy), Cole has a little fear of men with facial hair. 
  • Cole is a boy who loves to make decisions and will make sure you know it.

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