Monday, January 28, 2013

Cole: 7 months

And another month has come and gone.  And our little turned seven months old yesterday.  Which means only five short months until we are celebrating Cole's first birthday.  This is all moving way, way too fast.

No doctor appointment this month... so no update on this guy's stats.  Although, I'm sure he is still a big and healthy baby boy.  I mean, he's 7 months old and he is wearing 18 - 24 month old clothing.  And we thought Kingston was a moose when he was this age...

Here are a few fun facts about our little Cole:

  • Cole has/had his first cold(s?) recently... and seems to be powering through just fine.  No runny nose, but a pretty raspy cough that is now just an occasional dry cough.   
  • He has yet to pop a tooth, but sure drools like it is coming soon.  We'll see.
  • You know how they say that babies are ready for solid food when they show an interest in the food you're eating?  Yeah... this boy ALWAYS shows an interest in my food.  His brother's food.  The hubs' food.  And probably your food too.  He loves food.
  • Cole's reaching and grasping capabilities are really strong - he can reach for pretty much whatever he wants now.  
  • The boy's motto:  Why sit when you can stand?  If you try to sit him down, he will stiffen his legs so that he remains standing (while holding your hands because he can't stand on his own quiet yet, of course).  
  • Not quite a crawler, but definitely a rotator.  Cole will turn his body/rotate to where he wants to get, then adjust his body into push-up position.  I think we're close, friends.  Which means we should probably get busy on baby-proofing again...
  • Cole is definitely not a push-over; he will fight his brother already for the toys he wants to play with.  
  • He's decided that he needs to sit in the tub next to his brother, sans baby bath chair.  
  • He is probably one of the happiest babies you will ever see when he wakes up... even if he has just been crying, he will light up with the biggest grin when you come in his room.  Hard to stay mad at the little guy, even if it is the fourth time you've been in his room that night and it is not even past midnight yet (some nights, not all nights... but definitely some nights)...
  • So far, this boy is the best traveler.  We went away this weekend, traveling about 2.5 hours in the car without having to take a break.  No tears, but lots of happy coos.  And maybe a nap or two.

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