Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Refreshing a Fish.

I am a little obsessed with housewares.  I love to find fun little ways to spruce up and decorate all of the different spaces in our home.  So, a few years ago when I received a porcelain fish for Christmas, I was pretty excited... until I pulled it completely out of the package to find that the tail had been broken during delivery (boo).  Luckily, the tail was still one complete piece... so putting it back to together was pretty easy.  

With a little super glue and some white paint, the fish looked better than ever:

I'm not gonna lie - I kind of prefer the white paint.  The fish looks crisper and fits in with our home so much better.  So I'm thinking the breaking of the tail was a little decorator blessing-in-disguise.

A close up:

Yep, pretty pleased with how it looks.  This is definitely one of my favorite decor pieces in our home today.

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