Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fort Day.

Friday unofficially became fort day last week, when I opened this circus tent for the boys.  Kingston was so happy to play in his fort as he referred to it... unless the flag was placed on top... then it became a castle.  And he became a knight.  And I was appointed princess.  

We had story time in the tent.  Kingston played with toys in the tent.  He even drank his morning and after-lunch milks in the tent.  The boy could not get enough.  

Cole even got in on this circus tent/fort/castle action, which was captured thanks to Instagram:

Now, if only we could fast-forward to Friday and do it all over again.  

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Here's hoping it is a good one.


  1. What a cute fort! And what cute boys to fill it with! I love the new blog and all your fun projects : ).

  2. thanks rebecca! :) i'm glad i made the switch to blogger.