Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sink Bath for a Sick Baby.

I'm pretty sure there is nothing worse than throwing up... especially when it is a little baby/toddler throwing up.  That was the case for our poor little Cole on Saturday.  This marked the first time he was sick like that and you could tell he wasn't quite sure what had hit him.  In fact, we didn't even realize he was throwing up until after he was pretty much done - he just quietly sat in his high chair until his big brother alerted us that something was up.  We almost thought he had choked (scary!), until he was sick again later that evening.  But, when it first happened... the only remedy I could think of to keep him calm and clean him up was a sink bath.  And let me tell you, he loved it.  In fact, last night... days later... he begged me to have a sink bath while I was making dinner.

I am home today with what appears to be the same little bug both of our boys had (Kingston had the same thing about a week ago).  Can this cold/flu season be over now, please?    

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