Friday, January 3, 2014

{DIY} Kitchen Update

We are far from finished with our kitchen, but I thought I would share a little update on our progress. Probably the most exciting and recent update on our project was to re-paint our white cabinets white again (yes, I'm a little crazy)... and we're about 80% done with that.  While we are leaving the four upper cabinet doors to the right of the hood off, I need to repaint the base of the upper cabinets and repaint all six of the lower cabinet drawers.  We prematurely re-installed the five upper cabinet doors on Christmas Eve, as we were hosting Christmas Day at our home and wanted to see how the doors would look (we have been living with all of the uppers off for approximately 1.5 years or so).  You really cannot notice a difference between the white paints, but I would feel better if they were the same and if the base got a little pick-me-up.  To make the cabinet pulls and hinges more cohesive, I spray painted all of our hinges a satin black and updated the cabinet pulls with a 4" satin black pull from Home Depot. 

Once I am finished painting our cabinets, my plan is to research trim options or design options for above our upper cabinets.  Then we'll take a break from this room and just make a few, small cosmetic updates until we decide what we want to do next in the room.  Given the hubs' motto, we most likely won't replace any of our current appliances until they die... so we'll be living with a mixture of stainless steel and almond/black for a bit longer.  Instead, Installing some sort of window covering and switching out the light above the sink may be in my future.