Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Now & Then: Lion Halloween Costume

One fun thing about having two little boys is our ability to recycle a few of our favorite things.  Blankets, clothes, shoes, toys... and of course, Halloween costumes.  Kingston was a lion the Halloween just before he turned two years old, in 2011 (right lion in above photo).  I absolutely loved that costume - it kept him warm and he was pretty much the cutest thing I had ever seen (and I'm not biased one bit).  At the time, I took one of my favorite photos to date: 
Now, fast-forward to 2013.  Our little, Cole Henry, is sporting the lion costume this year for Halloween at 16 months old (left lion in the first photo).  Although Halloween is not until next week, we have already put the costume to the test when we went to the carnival at my mom's school last Friday.  
Oh yeah, still pretty darn cute.  Maybe it is the 80's rocker look this costume sports when you see it from behind... or the little tail that swishes when he walks... or just seeing a little body dressed up in a Halloween costume; it is just too much.

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