Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY: 5 Minute Mantel Makeover

I found THIS picture a few weeks ago thanks to some pinterest browsing and instantly decided it was time for our fireplace to have a mini-makeover.  I have been wanting to spruce up this area of our home for awhile now but was not sure what I wanted to do.  I have all sorts of ideas... and have even been thinking about possibly painting it all white (brick included).  But, that seems like such a big move.

So, with some leftover milk paint and a slab-of-wood-posed-as-a-mantel that needed repainted badly, I made one small and subtle move in the right direction.
The beige/tan tone of this milk paint color really seems to make a difference.  I think it helps make this space feel a little warmer, homier.  I am always impressed what five minutes and a little paint can do.

Our next step will be to construct a mantel similar to the one I found on pinterest... which looks to be on the project list for next summer... or at least my list, anyway.  The hubs will get the memo soon.

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