Saturday, July 27, 2013

Goodbye, Summer Soccer.

Ah, three and four year old summer soccer.  What a fun summer activity you were. 

This month, Kingston played soccer on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  It was a fun way to get out and enjoy the summer weather, and Kingston felt like a big boy going to the soccer park... sometimes after bedtime!  While he wasn't always focused on the game (he's three years old), he liked to run around with his teammates and always looked forward to the snacks.  I think we'll sign him up again next summer... if nothing else, just to get him out of the house to socialize a bit.  And because little kiddos at this age just look so darn cute trying to play a sport.  Love it.   

And this little guy: 
He was his brother's number one fan (or maybe he just liked staying up a bit past bedtime, too!).  At one point during the game, he grabbed my camera, sat it in front of him, and tried to take a few photos.  I suppose he has seen me take a few photos before... I thought this one was interesting: 
Catching Summer Light - by Cole C.  (Ha!)

Summer soccer, you will be missed!  

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