Sunday, June 16, 2013

What a Dad.

My Daddy
by Kingston

My Dad is funny because: He dances to music.
My Dad thinks I am funny when: I fart in his face.
(Oy, potty humor already).
My Dad is: 3 years old.
His favorite thing to do is: Eat dinner. 
His favorite color is: Blue.
My Dad's job is: To teach and some kids throw a pie at him.
He loves to eat: Macaroni.
He is really good at: Numbers. 
My Dad loves when: I play with him.
My Dad always says: "Go" words.
My favorite thing about my Dad is: When we play together. 
We celebrated the hubs today, showing our love and appreciation for him and everything he does for us.  Our family is pretty lucky - he just so happens to be the best daddy to our boys and I am so thankful he is my partner-in-crime.

I picked out his new hat, gave him a few of his favorite goodies, and let him sleep through the night/sleep in this morning.  Kingston picked out a trophy ("Best Dad") and painted a picture/card for him, which contained the words above.  And Cole made sure to get a few wrestles in.

We also made sure to share some love with our dads and Kingston found the most perfect superhero cards for each of his papas.  What a wonderful day.

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