Monday, March 25, 2013

3 Toddlers, 1 Baby, & a Tired Momma.

Our nieces were in town last Friday and Kingston was beside himself with excitement.  He was so thrilled to have them come over and play at his house, with his toys.  Although the hubs was around for a couple of hours before baseball practice, I spent the majority of the day with all three toddlers (and our little Cole, of course) on my own.  Although extremely tiring, it was fun and we had a great day.

They read books, colored, played with toys... had snack time... played red light/green light, tag, hide & go seek.  We played boardgames and watched a little Tom & Jerry during quiet time.  They also practiced their culinary skills and played with Kingston's kitchen, filling pizza orders and preparing cake to go by the slice.  

All activities lasted about 15 minutes before the next... and they kept me on my toes.  But I am happy to say there were no fights, no time-outs.  These three love to play together.


  1. Oh, my gosh!!! This is too much. Such adorable little cousins. Also, it is crazy how big Kingston looks. Wow. Time flies!

    1. thanks! i know, right? they really do grow up wayyyyyy way too fast.