Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Week: Goodies

  1. Caramel Apple + Heart Shaped Sprinkles for the Hubs (I have one for Kingston... and maybe one for myself, too). 
  2. Two Mylar Heart-Shaped Balloons for my two little loves.
  3. Twine, Mini-Clothes Pins, and Paper Heart Doily Garland; a quick DIY mantel decoration for Valentine's Day.
  4. Superhero Valentine's Day cards for Kingston to hand out at daycare this year (he is beyond excited for the Batman card, so I made one out for him too).
  5. Kingston's bag of goodies for his Valentines at daycare... and a few of the Cherry Tootsie Roll Pops we have left over.


  1. Your pictures are always so beautiful! And I just love those little heart sprinkles : ).

    1. Thank you! :) and I couldn't resist those sprinkles!!