Thursday, February 7, 2013

Momma's Looks, Daddy's Charm.

While Kingston definitely has some of his daddy's features, we always hear how much he looks like me.  And for awhile, I didn't fully believe it... until I looked at a few photos of me that were taken around his age (see an example I posted last week HERE).

So, okay... I suppose he does look like me... but his mannerisms?  100% his daddy.

Take the above photos, for example.

When the hubs was a little boy, he would touch his upper lip with his finger.  He would do this so much, that he would get a little blister on his lip.  Now, on to Kingston.  The above photos were taken on our drive up to visit family nearly two weeks ago.  But since then, I've seen Kingston touching his lip (like pictured above) a time or two.

A small example, but something I can't help but smile at.

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