Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cole, at 18 months old.

You are such a big boy at 18 months now, Cole.  Not only are you big in size wearing mostly 3T clothing (100% for height and weight... 99% for head circumference), you are also a big boy in behavior.  You want to be a part of everything, especially if it involves your daddy and big brother.  You absolutely love balls and sports; nothing better than a little baseball practice or a good basketball hoop.  While you grunt more than speak, you love to clap your hands to show your happiness.  You are probably "Daniel Tiger's" biggest fan and your favorite toy is your stuffed animal named "Dog Dog."  You have 7 teeth and one molar.  You can't quite jump off the ground yet but try often.  Your most favorite food is oatmeal with blueberries, but really if we're honest, you'll eat most anything except for tomatoes.  You like to splash in the bath tub and enjoy the outdoors.  You are our youngest and we love you dearly.    

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