Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cake pops can do no wrong.

Last Saturday was my sister's birthday.  So you know that called for some sort of yummy cake dessert, right?

Oh yeah.  

So I opted to try my hand at the ever-popular cake pops (see HERE).  Pretty painless, especially since I chose to stick with the basics for my first time.  No crazy shapes or designs... and I may have even used, dare I say it, a cake mix and can of frosting instead of going the homemade route.
I also made a few cake balls...
Strawberry cake mixed with strawberry mist frosting, coated in vanilla candy melt.  And Kingston's favorite - topped with sprinkles.  Oh my.  
Run, don't walk, to your kitchen and give these bad boys a whirl.  I think I'll be baking a second batch this weekend for our little's first birthday party.  Sure there will be cake, but who wouldn't love to take a few of these babies home for later.  Sign me up.