Friday, May 17, 2013

Looking Sharp.

{First Haircut -- May 12, 2103}

So I finally let the hubs talk me into getting Cole's haircut.  His first haircut... which is a pretty big milestone, if you ask me.  I know most parents don't have their little's hair cut until they are one year old or so... but I had to admit the hubs had a pretty good argument for it before then.  I mean, the boy's hair was starting to rest on his collar (which probably would have turned into a pretty sweet mullet if we would have let it), it was pretty puffy on the sides, and would stand straight up from his cowlick on the top/back of his head.  And when I heard the cashier at the grocery store say "I like his crazy hair" - I knew it was time.  

We opted for short on the sides, a wide faux-hawk-ish middle (similar to some MLB player) and my mother-in-law trimmed Cole up in no time.  The hubs is happy and I have to say I'm diggin' Cole's new look - looking sharp, my boy!     

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